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Freedom of expression is crucial to our democracy. It is also vital in any effort that intends to chart a new direction for our community. Improving the quality of life of the Broad Ripple Citizen will require an open and inclusive process. Here, opinion matters - yours included. This section of the site will post articles of all types; local, city, regional, state, or national that bear on the livability issues of Broad Ripple.

You can participate by sending us articles you have read or written. We ask that you send them either as a MS Word document or as a PDF and that copyright protection be respected.

We are predisposed to publish all the submissions we receive and welcome differing opinions. Yet we reserve the right not to publish items containing inappropriate or inadequate elements.

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10-08-2008  |Why Green
This article was written for the Broad Ripple Gazette - October 14, 2006.

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01-25-2009  |Green Alleys
This Article was published in the Broad Ripple Gazette in July, 2007

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01-29-2009  |The Rise Of Urban Gardens - Morgan Johnson
Article written for the NEWDAY by Morgan Johnson, co-chair of the Green Broad Ripple Urban Garden Committee.
Jan 29, 2009

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02-28-2009  |NEWDAY February, 2009
The February, 2009 is the inaugural issue of the Green Broad Ripple newsletter which we expect to publish on a monthly basis.
If you would like additional information or would like to find out how you might contribute, please get in touch with us.

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03-02-2009  |Broad Ripple Gazette Articles
This is a compilation of 50 articles published in the Broad Ripple Gazette during 2007 & 2008 under the column title "Green Broad Ripple"

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03-09-2009  |Building Community
This article was written for the March Issue of NEWDAY by Brenda Rising-Moore

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03-09-2009  |Nuissance to Community Asset
Article written for the March issue of NEWDAY by Neal Bennett

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03-09-2009  |The Gathering
Article Written for the March issue of NEWDAY by Cortellini

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03-09-2009  |The Nature of Nature
Article written for the March issue of NEWDAY by Cortellini

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03-10-2009  |NEWDAY V 01 N 02 March 2009
A copy of the March Green Broad Ripple Community Newsletter

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03-10-2009  |A Bicycling Community?
Article written for NEWDAY, March issue

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04-19-2009  |Small is Beautifull
Article written for April Issue of NEWDAY by Cortellini

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04-19-2009  |Small & Local Energy
Article written for April issue of NEWDAY by Neal Bennett

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04-19-2009  |Local is Smart
This article was written for the April issue of NEWDAY by Patty Cortellini

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04-24-2009  |NEWDAY V01N03 April 2009
This it the April Newsletter of Green Broad Ripple

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05-17-2010  |Pedal Indy Smashing Success - NUVO News Blog
This is an article written by Jim Poyser of NUVO, documenting the fun-filled adventure that was Pedal Indy.

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09-12-2010  |Broad Ripple is Open - Indiana Living Green Magazine
A nice write-up in ILG magazine about the good green goings on in Broad Ripple, featuring GBR of course!

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12-05-2013  |The Untapped Potential of Indiana's Recycling Industry
A study, compiled by the Bowen Center for Public Affairs at Ball State, recognizes the importance of giving economic value to materials commonly thrown away (e.g., paper, glass, plastics, metals and durable goods), and views any recyclable material as a significant economic commodity that can create a strong workforce and stimulate job growth. Follow the link to find the article.
03-04-2014  |Envision Broad Ripple- The Comprehensive Plan
Here is the plan for Broad Ripple that everyone is talking about. If you love Broad Ripple, you should read this document.

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